When a piece of art resonates with us,

when we are touched by it,

our soul is being nourished and healing is happening.

Describing the very essence of a painting; 

we dilute its beneficial effect - we defeat its purpose.

Art must be felt and experienced.


Therefore, if we can, it is best to surrender and let it speak to us.


My paintings are a reflection of my personal journey. 



Art is Food for the Soul

The heart within the heart.
Fi in Paradise ed
Communication is the Key
Mi Love mi Jelly
I am in the Mood
Grandma's old Kitchen
Fire of Purerification
Unity and Time...Reasoning
Two Heads are better than One
Mystery Woman
I`m in the Mood
The eyes are the window to the soul
So High
Returning to the Source
Morning Light
Another Season
Born Free
Boston Bay View- Portland Jamaica
Paps the Builder
Back in the Days
There is a Time for Everything
King and Empress
Good Friend Better than Pocket Money
Joy of Beeing
Mr Michael, Life is a Journey
We have Come a Long Way !
Mr Michael, Living by Grace
Love is the Answer
Silent river run Deep
Apple Bananas
Don't Be Shy
''Pureheart'' is Leading
Mr Hussy, the father of a friend
Old Greathouse
Paps, the Young Builder - First Bike

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