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Fitzroy Symister

Soul Artist

My paintings are a reflection of my personal journey and my many and varied inspirations - from my beautiful home in Jamaica to many of the great masters who have painted before me.


whenever I create a painting, something magical happens.


A process flows from my eyes and brain to the tip of the paintbrush and onto the palette. when my paintbrush dances on the surface of the canvas, applying layer over layer in a kind of meditation, I let go and become its humble guide.

Through my painting, I strive to convey the essence of life, to stimulate our senses and touch our soul. This is why others have called me the 'soul Artist'.

I believe that Art is food for the Soul.

When a piece of art resonates with us, when we are touch by it, our soul is being nourished and a healing is happening.

Art must be felt and experienced. Therefore, if we can, it is best to surrender and let it speak to us.


Meet Fitzroy Symister

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